About My Florida Builders

Our focus at My Florida Builders is always the customer. We work hard to accommodate your imagination so that your homestead is brought to its fullest potential. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. Quality customer service is at the top of our priority list. We will go the extra mile to make sure your outdoor needs are met. Do you need to clear away unwanted brush, trees, or old concrete from your farmland? We’re ready to help you. Are you in need of a good, solid stable for your horses? Fences for your cattle? We’re prepared for these as well with hefty tools and a great attitude. We’ll build your fences, irrigate your fields, and raise your pole barns while guaranteeing the utmost in customer satisfaction. You are important to us; you are our customer, and the customer comes first. We understand that each person has a unique vision of how they want their place to look. As a result, we’re ready to sit with you and help you realize your vision from the ground up. From blueprints to buildings, everything will be completed to your own specifications. Don’t hesitate to shoot us a message; we’re eager to build your dream into a practical, beautiful reality. My Florida Builders is fully licensed and insured.


Barns and Pole barns

We will work with you from the first step to design, blueprint, and build the exact barn or stable you’ve been dreaming of. Each building design is tailored to your specifications. The foundations and beams are sturdy, and the overall product is beautiful. View our gallery below to see for yourself!

Bush Hogging and Land Clearing Services

Any outdoor project needs a clean, clear foundation. We will remove any unwanted brush, logs, or old yard structures so that your land is pristine. Florida brush can be thick, messy, and stubborn. Give us a call and we’ll bring the Bush Hog to get your outdoor area clear.

Fencing Solutions for Your Property

Are you looking durable and good-looking fencing and gates to add on to your home or property? The fence installed around your property, home, or farm is the first thing that people will see when they visit. A fence can provide privacy and security and also be beautiful. We offer a variety of fencing options. Our quality fencing installation and structures will continue working to keep your land looking its best.